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Glossy Paintwork That Lasts For Years

You don’t want to spend all weekend washing and polishing your car. You want to get out on the road and enjoy life.

Make your vehicle look and feel brand new for longer.

A ceramic coating paint protection package will not only add a gloss that your neighbours will be jealous of, but it also protects your car from the harsh environment.

BMW showing amazing gloss after a paint correction and ceramic coating

Any job is only as good as the preparation work.

Paintwork is never perfect (even on brand-new cars), so the care and time put into making it as perfect as possible are vital to getting the best results.

We spend around two days preparing and perfecting your car in our state-of-the-art polishing booth before applying one of the highest-quality ceramic coating products money can buy.

Paint Protection

Less time cleaning means more time doing what you enjoy.

Interior Protection

Easy cleaning and protection from spills and stains.

Glass Protection

Ultra-clear glass in all conditions gives you excellent visibility when it matters most.

Wheel Protection

It makes cleaning brake dust a breeze, so you always have glossy wheels.

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

Ben H

Craig is a master at what he does, very knowledgeable and professional. Went above and beyond my expectations. He wouldn’t let the car go until it was as perfect as it could be. Highly recommend Craig to anyone looking to get paint correction and ceramic coating.

Frances Q

I am absolutely astounded at what Craig has done to my car. My Scirocco had swirl marks all over her from a negligent panel beater. Craig got rid of every single swirl mark by meticulous polishing and then he put a ceramic coating over her paint. She looks better than when I bought her. My car is now shiny and glossy and I notice that people stare at her as I drive by. Craig’s passion about looking after cars shines through with the quality of the work he does.. I cannot recommend him enough.. Thank you Craig!!

Jonathan H

Meticulous detailing and high quality ceramic paint protection. Craig and his crew spent a lot of time and effort in bringing my new, but transit worn Tesla Model 3 up to par, then applying diamond ceramic coating. The car looks 100% better. Thanks guys!

3 Easy Steps To Have Your Car Protected


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We will call you to arrange when to bring your vehicle to our workshop.



Enjoy your low-maintenance, easy-to-clean vehicle for many years.


We are fully trained and accredited System X ceramic coating applicators

Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to give us a call or a text message if you have any other questions you would like answered.

Is your paint protection the same as what the dealer is trying to sell to me?

The simple answer is no.

The cost of an actual ceramic coating is one factor why most dealers use inferior products, usually exclusive to dealers only (probably for good reasons). Aside from the product costs, the time it takes to apply a ceramic coating is a lot more involved than applying a sealant.

Then there is the preparation work. Dealers (and some ‘detailers’) can do the whole job in under 4 hours, including the washing and preparation work!

When we do a ceramic coating, we book the vehicle in for two days, which consists of around 2 hours to do a full decontamination wash, then masking of all the plastics and rubbers, paint inspection, and then about 8 hours of paint correction, then about 3 hours to apply the ceramic coating.

Dealers are in the business of selling cars, and our expertise is in making cars shiny.

If my car is brand new why does it need a paint correction before the ceramic coating?

Anyone can grab a paint roller and paint a wall, but if it’s poorly prepared, you can never achieve great-looking, long-lasting results.

Brand-new cars are at a minimum of 3 – 6 months old by the time they are handed over to you. This is because they have been exposed to the elements in storage yards, boats, trucks, and the dealership. Then the dealership has them prepared, cleaned, and defects in the paintwork buffed and waxed.

Once they arrive at our workshop, we remove the waxes masking the defects and buff marks. We then go to work making the paint as perfect as possible, the right way.

The other reasons for a paint correction are to add more gloss. We then know the paint is thoroughly cleaned and prepped so the ceramic coating will fully bond to the paint without any contaminants hindering that process.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance!

What is the difference paint correction, paint enchancement and a cut & polish?

We often have clients asking for a cut and polish. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different interpretations of what this means.

The summary would be that the cut process is usually a heavy-duty buffing machine with an aggressive pad (usually lambswool) combined with some heavy cutting compound. This is followed by the polish stage, which is generally the same machine but now with a foam pad and a polish compound to add gloss to remove (or more commonly mask) the fine scratches induced in the cutting stage, often referred to as buffing trails or buff marks.

For us, a cut and polish is the old technology, and there are better tools and products today. However, this is not to say that a cut and polish doesn’t have its place. For panel shops, this is the best choice. Its ability to remove severe defects and sanding marks quickly is a must. Some detailers still swear by this method. However, finishing the paint perfectly with these forced rotation polishers is a fine art.

Similar to a surgeon’s scalpel, it is a fantastic tool in the right hands. But, unfortunately, in the wrong hands, it can cause a lot of irreparable damage.

On the other hand, paint correction generally uses a dual-action polisher and is a far less aggressive method of removing paint defects. Moreover, with modern factory paints getting increasingly thinner, it is a far better choice.

Paint enhancement is a finer version of a paint correction. Similar to the polish stage mentioned earlier, its purpose is to permanently remove any hazing or micro-scratches induced in the correction stage and add gloss to the paint, not just mask the imperfections with a polish compound.

Is it worth getting paint protection on new car?

Of course, every car should have a ceramic coating, but does it need it?

Most detailers will see dollar signs and want to ceramic coat every car they can. However, we believe in giving the client the best value for money. With that in mind, you may not need it.

Daily driven cars we think should have good paint protection applied to them. The benefits of having a vehicle that is easy to clean and protects the paint from the environmental rubbish that settles on your paintwork and having protection from fading paint is well and truly worth the money.

However, if you have a car that doesn’t see much daylight, spends most of the time resting in the garage, and only comes out a few times a year may not need a ceramic coating. Instead, a suitable sealant may be all that is required and is a more cost-effective option. But this is a case-by-case scenario that we are happy to discuss with you.